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How to Post an item
Before Posting item
If you have not registered an account with any of[?] group of websites, please register one. Otherwise, please login to your account.

You can take up to 6 photographs of the item you are posting. Remember, a well taken photo is the key to selling your item! Ensure that your photographs fulfil our requirements[?].

Step 1:
Click on 'Post Your Item'. You will see the posting page.
Step 2:
Click on the 'UPLOAD FILE' button. Select the image file you are posting. You can upload up to 6 images. Remember to follow the instructions under 'Things to note'.
Step 3:
Fields marked by the red asterisk (*) are compulsory fields. However, you are still encouraged to fill in the rest of the fields if you have the details so that other members can find your listing easily using our search engine.
Step 4:
We allow members to sell, exchange and even rent out their items. Fill in only numbers for the following fields.
Step 5:
If you have anymore things you wish to let the buyer know, put it into 'Remarks'. For 'Collection Area', put in the places like Orchard, etc. You can choose to put in values for the 'Tags' fields to help in being searched. If left blank, our engine will populate some relevant values into your 'Tags' field.
Once you have filled in all the neccessary fields properly, please read through our Terms of Service before clicking on 'Post My Item Now'.
Step 6:
You will be brought back to the Post Item page when you are done. You can choose to post another item or navigate to another page of your liking.
Contact Information
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